1. mrshorowietzky:

    Ian Richardson, this is not fair, why are you so devastatingly adorable?

    And I am not even counting your Murder Rooms Dr. Bell here because that would mean an utterly illegal amount of cute. Illegal you hear me.

  2. 27caps:

    How can someone survive from this kind of expression?

  3. fuckyeahsirpatrickstewart:

    *muffled screaming in the distance* (x)

  4. Platform 9 ¾? But, Hagrid, there must be a mistake. This says Platform 9 ¾. There’s no such thing. Is there?

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  5. vvhitehouse:


    Show off


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  6. doctorwho247:

    Doctor Who Series 8 - Radio Times Posters

    Designer Stuart Manning has drawn on some classic Doctor Who artwork to produce stunning retro posters celebrating Peter Capaldi’s debut series as the Doctor, exclusively for Radio Times.

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  8. angelophile:

    The finale of To Play the King is an absolute acting masterclass. Ian Richardson could give a speech without saying a word, but in this scene with Michael Kitchen, he’s more than matched. This is two actors at the very top of their game slugging it out like heavyweights. Outstanding.

  9. mrshorowietzky:

    Uploading that Ian-Richardson-can’t-help-it-thing lying around on my harddrive just for you, edwinlandfill.

    He needs a separate hashtag: #toocuteforhisowngood!holmes

  10. juliassundial:

    The very beginning- House of Cards (1990)

    Original and best

    The series came out just as Margaret Thatcher was ousted as Prime Minister, making the show so relevant and so maddening